“I have had the opportunity to participate on many occasions with Tammy as a coach, mentor and friend. I appreciate so much her desire to stand in her power and speak her truth. She is tenacious in all she does. I love her devotion to family and faith. I am blessed to know and associate with this amazing woman.”

—Carol Ann Guest

“From our first coaching session together, Tammy helped me clarify my thoughts on a few issues I had going on. She helped me identify the thoughts I was having that were holding me back from reaching my goals. She helped me break down the steps I needed to take into bite-sized actions. I would highly recommend Tammy as coach. She was very easy to talk to and her insights were invaluable. I would definitely work with her again!”

—Holly Mesa-Rincon

“Tammy Miller is a beautiful human! Her capacity for empathy is vast and wonderful. Her Confidence, Faith, and Trust in Truth is an invaluable asset as a Life and Health Coach. Tammy is well prepared to fulfill her calling helping women to find more clarity, purpose and vision for their lives.”

—Rebecca J. Carroll

“Tammy is such a sincere and genuine coach who truly listens to what I am saying. She hears the thoughts and feelings beneath the words I say and is able to help me get back on track when I feel uncertain or confused. She is relatable and friendly while she provides powerful coaching. Thank you, Tammy!”

—Christine Watson

“I have seen so much value come from the coaching I have received from Tammy. It has helped me in every area of my life. With Tammy’s education, knowledge base, life experience, and desire to help people, she is the perfect coach for those ready to take the next step in getting the results they desire in life!”

—Rebecca Haughey

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