Tammy Miller
February 3, 2021

At the beginning of every year as people are setting their long list of resolutions, one of the things that tops the lists of many people is to get more organized. We see all the marketing of all the things we need to purchase to get our lives more organized. As much as love things to be organized and to have it’s proper space – oh how I thrive off of order, I have been thinking so much about how we all need to be deliberate in decluttering our minds. This is what I teach and work my coaching clients on, and really anyone that I have a conversation with.

I recently attended a retreat with a small group of women – each of us felt so passionate about living our best life with a desire to continue to uplevel ourselves so we can match up with the amazing blessings and opportunities that await those that create the space of beautiful things to happen. While at the retreat, the host asked a question about “what is a limiting belief look like to you?” I did not hesitate in replying that limiting beliefs are lies. Let me repeat that loud and clear: LIMITING BELIEFS ARE LIES THAT WE TELL OURSELVES. We all have limiting beliefs, some more, some less, than others. I hear this all of the time as a life coach and as a business mentor in my other business. People are constantly stating things as though it’s a fact about them – like you could prove in a court of law that you aren’t capable of being a successful, organized, wealthy (and the list goes on) person. The thing that holds us back from achieving what we want is the thoughts we think about ourselves – again, these are the lies that we tell ourselves about not being smart, pretty, rich, successful, generous, thoughtful, etc…

Oftentimes we adopt limiting beliefs aka lies because of something that somebody said to us and we adopted that as truth. Believe me, I have had to some Herculean work around this – this is what has culminated in my desire to be a life coach to help women to step into their divine role and purpose as a daughter of God. It takes work to shed the layers and layers and layers of limiting beliefs. Visualize it like peeling back the layers of an onion – this is what it looks like as you are doing the work to get to the core, so that you can uproot what has taken life at the core. It’s a process of unlearning the things you believed to be true that are producing the fruits in your life (your results, your outcomes).

When I started to do this work with coaches and mentors to unravel the lies I had been telling myself, I found the message in the mess of it all. As I asked the questions, as I received the coaching, as I did the work, I dug deep, I discovered that many of my old thoughts, my limiting beliefs were simply UNTRUE.

A spiritual leader, Elder Boyd K. Packer, shared this:

“Somewhere near your home there is a vacant corner lot. Although adjoining yards may be well tended, a vacant corner lot somehow is always full of weeds.
There is a footpath across it, a bicycle trail, and ordinarily it is a collecting place for junk. First someone threw a few lawn clippings there. They would not hurt anything. Someone added a few sticks and limbs from a nearby yard. Then came a few papers and a plastic bag, and finally some tin cans and old bottles were included.
And there it was—a junkyard.
The neighbors did not intend it to be that. But little contributions from here and there made it so.
This corner lot is like, so very much like, the minds of many of us. We leave our minds vacant and empty and open to trespass by anyone. Whatever is dumped there we keep.
We would not consciously permit anyone to dump junk into our minds, not old cans and bottles. But after lawn clippings and papers, the other things just don’t seem all that much worse.”

He goes onto say:
“Our minds can become veritable junk heaps with dirty, cast-off ideas that accumulate there little by little. Years ago I put up some signs in my mind. They are very clearly printed and simply read: “No trespassing.” “No dumping allowed.” On occasions it has been necessary to show them very plainly to others. I do not want anything coming into my mind that does not have some useful purpose or some value that makes it worth keeping. I have enough trouble keeping the weeds down that sprout there on their own without permitting someone else to clutter my mind with things that do not edify.
I’ve hauled a few of these away in my lifetime. Occasionally I’ve tossed these thoughts back over the fence where they came from, when it could be done in a friendly manner.
I’ve had to evict some thoughts a hundred times before they would stay out. I have never been successful until I have put something edifying in their place.
I do not want my mind to be a dumping place for shabby ideas or thoughts, for disappointments, bitterness, envy, shame, hatred, worry, grief, or jealousy.
If you are fretting over such things, it’s time to clean the yard. Get rid of all that junk! Get rid of it!
Put up a “no trespassing” sign, a “no dumping” sign, and take control of yourself. Don’t keep anything that will not edify you.
The first thing a doctor does with a wound is to clean it out. He gets rid of all foreign matter and drains off infection—however much it hurts.
Once you do that spiritually, you will have a different perspective. You will have much less to worry about. It is easy to get all mixed up about worry.”

My friends, let’s do the work of shedding the limiting beliefs, the lies, so that you can step into the most amazing you that God created you to be!





February 3, 2021

February 25, 2021