Tammy Miller
February 25, 2021

Dear Future Self ,

What are your plans for the future?
Are you knocking on the door of empty nester life or are you deep in the throes of motherhood? Either way, as much as it’s important to be present in the day to day, we must also be focused on what we want to be creating for our future.
Twelve years ago I found myself thinking a lot about what my future would look. My kids were 15, 13, 11 and 6 at the time. I knew it was important, as busy as I was with all things motherhood entailed, to focus on what I wanted and what God wanted for my life. I could see that my children would be leaving the nest in quick succession, and I needed to be prepared, as much as I could be, for the new chapter that awaited me.
I know it’s hard for you to imagine what your life will look like when all the kids are out of the house, or maybe it’s not. Does that excite you or scare you? Maybe both? Depends on the day? Hahaha…
For a lot of us moms it’s easy for our identity to get lost in the role of mom, so much so that we forget who we are and what our passions are outside of kids. We get so wrapped up in each of their lives and in all of the  responsibilities that comes with motherhood (we wear so many hats),  it becomes easy to forget our goals and dreams, or maybe it’s even to hard to have the mental stamina to make goals and dream about what you want to create.
What really sparked my drive to think about my future self when all my kids would be out of the nest,  was seeing some empty nester moms I knew struggling with their identity and not knowing or having a plan for this new phase of life. They seemed lost and this lead to depression. As I reflect back as a young mom, I remember having so much compassion for these women. They had felt so purposeful and needed during all the years of raising kids, and then boom, the kids were grown and the nest is empty – they feel empty because they lack purpose. Deep down something inside of me knew that we each have so much to give in different seasons of our lives.
Do you feel lost?
Do you feel kind of empty, or maybe even a lot?
Do you feel like you are floundering?
Are you confused about what is next?
Every person on this planet wants to make a contribution. We all want to make a difference but sometimes when we have been doing something for so long we can have a hard time figuring out what the next step might look like.
I love what Marie Forleo says:
My suggestion;
Start putting pen to paper. Start asking yourself these questions:
What are my heart desires?
What am I really good at or what would I like to be good at?
What are my interests?
What am I passionate about?
Then it’s time to take action, I suggest:
Talk to people, ask them what they see in you.
Be intentional  about what you want to create!

Fast forward…

Here I am now, almost one year into empty nester life with the love of my life (married 30 years). Life has its ups + downs, but I choose to take it all in stride. Choices I made by thinking and taking action for my future self twelve years ago are paying off in so many big ways.

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