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Dreaming Becomes Vision

Tammy Miller
February 6, 2020

Dreaming is so powerful and creates such magic in any persons life. Dreaming what is possible is the first step in creation. In the scriptures it says that “a man (or insert woman) without vision will perish.”

I love words, so we are going to focus on one of the descriptions of the word “VISION.” The dictionary says this: “the act or power of imagination; mode of seeing or conceiving; unusual discernment or foresight.”

If we don’t allow ourselves to dream and believe in the possibilities of what is possible in coming to fruition, then what? How often do we approach life without a vision of what or where we want to go? We have to have vision in order to create what we want, and it’s essential that we use the power of our imagination that God gave to us to create amazing things. He wants us to create and in order to create we have to use our minds to dream and create vision.

Are you in pursuit of your purpose in a new chapter of your life? Do you find yourself floundering and spinning in indecision? (I’ve got a recent post just on the subject of being indecisive). Perhaps because you aren’t allowing yourself or taking the time to dream and find what it is you are passionate about? It’s important you catch the vision you need so that it will give you a direction to pursue. God wants you to dream and He wants you to have vision for your life.

What is the vision for your life? Where is it you want to be 5, 10, or even 15 years from now? We can’t just float around from day to day without a vision because that’s like trying to navigate unknown terrain without a compass. We need to know where we are going and VISION is our compass and it’s what will lead us to where we want to go. Focus on the results you want to have. What is a result that you would like to see happen in your life? Get crystal clear.

Write down the RESULT you want to see happen. Now, what ACTIONS do you need to take in order to get the result that you want. The more clear and concise you can get on what those actions are, the better. Now, what emotion do you need to FEEL in order to take the actions necessary to get the result that you want? Our emotions/feelings drive everything that we do. Lastly, what THOUGHT do you need to be thinking in order to feel that emotion? Get really clear on what that thought needs to be. You don’t 100% have to believe in that thought, but there has to be a small part of you that believes it so that you will have the feeling that will drive the actions you need to take in order to get the results that you want. You see, it’s your thoughts that create your results Your thoughts are your VISION. If you want different results you need to change your thinking.

We are in the year of 2020 – or as I like to say 20/20. It’s the year of clear vision. What is it that you want to create this year? Are you crystal clear on what your vision is for 2020 and beyond? Don’t overwhelm yourself. Start creating a habit to dream a little more and to use your imagination so that you can create a VISION of what you want in your life.

“Girls with dreams become women with VISION.” -Meghan Markle


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