Tammy Miller
June 13, 2020
About a decade ago I hired a coach to help me work through some emotional blocks that I was experiencing in my life because I could see how these things were holding me back. I knew I wasn’t showing up the way I wanted to and I knew my potential was far greater because one thing I knew without a doubt: I’m a daughter of God. He created me for a purpose with the potential for greatness as I listen to and follow His ways.
One thing my coach said to me that really struck my heart as a piercing truth and something that has stuck with me since I heard her say it was: “it’s none of your business what other people think of you!” I remember talking about this for the rest of our session. I asked questions. I listened. She asked me questions and I could see that as I answered back that I had the answers within. By inquiring my thoughts about that statement I could see the truth and power of it. I could also see how “worrying what others think of me” is something that was really holding me back from progressing in a way that I wanted to.
There have been so many things weighing on my heart recently. We’ve all got things we are trying to figure out. My husband and I have gone on countless walks over these last few months where we talk about the things of life that really matter. He’s such a tremendous support, a great listener and he always has some great insight to share. As I have poured out my heart to him regarding a troubled relationship in my life more than a few times, his words were a little different but it was the same message – “why do you care what they think of you? You know who you are, what you have done for them and where your heart is. You don’t have to question that.” Whoa! It was one of those mind blown moments where I asked myself how I had slipped back a little bit  to where I cared too much about what a specific someone thought about me. I was grateful for the gentle and loving reminder that it wasn’t my business to worry what they might think of me or even the name calling behind my back, the important thing is that I know who I am.
This morning my husband and I were doing a meditation on “letting go.” In the guided meditation the woman was talking about how the act of letting go is when happiness returns. She talked about letting go as if releasing a balloon. For me, the imagery was so powerful. In that moment I could feel God tell me “let go of the opinions of others.” I visualized I was holding a balloon and watched myself let it go and watched it drift far away from me. It was no longer a part of me. I felt light. I felt free. I felt a heavy burden release from me.
I’m sharing this with you today because my hope is you see how the power of letting go of the opinions of others is, especially those who don’t really have your back anyway. It’s empowering to stand in the space where you are deeply rooted in who you are as a child of God. He knows me. He knows my heart. He knows what matters most to me. I will no longer concern myself and waste headspace worrying what others think of me. It causes unnecessary stress and worry.
I’m grateful for the beautiful lessons I’m learning and the clarity of vision that 2020 aka 20/20 is giving me. What a gift from God! I’m grateful for His love and patience as I have really learned this lesson in letting go.

This lesson is now firmly planted in my heart. Let go and let God.