Tammy Miller
January 20, 2020

So many of us search for meaning and purpose in this life. We search to understand who we are. Here’s where I find the problem lies: WHERE are we searching??? Oftentimes we are wandering way off of the path and we can get lost for a long while. The problem is we are searching for these answers in the wrong places. ⠀

WHO are we?
WHO do we belong to?
WHY are we here?
WHAT are we here to accomplish?
WHAT is our soul contract here on earth?⠀

First of all, THIS I KNOW:
We are, every single human that dots this earth, we all are children of a loving God. We’ve got His spiritual DNA flowing in our veins and He created each of us for a PURPOSE. This I KNOW. ⠀

So, it makes sense to me that if we are trying to learn more and understand more about who we are and what we are supposed to be doing in terms of our purpose, shouldn’t we be looking to the SOURCE; to God, He who created us?! It is through Him that we truly “find ourselves” and find our path in this life. ⠀

Our identity is secure in Him who created us. ⠀
God created us for a divine purpose. ⠀
This is our worth – as children of God. It is through Him that we are enough. ⠀
We have to own BELIEF in our thoughts and in our hearts because when we do we will show up differently. Don’t keep searching for what you already have. You have nothing to prove and nothing to hide. ⠀

Jennie Allen said: “No circumstance, no person, no mistake, no lie in your own head can steal it. It is true. You can believe the lies of the enemy that keeps you fearful and hiding in the shadows, but it will not for one second shift what is true..”⠀

Embrace your divine identity. ⠀

I’m FINALLY on the right path of embracing it. ⠀
I’ve had enough with feeling insignificant.⠀
I’ve had enough with feeling I don’t measure up. ⠀
I want more of accepting the full love of God. ⠀
I want even more of living up to my potential. ⠀

When we can accept that we belong to God and that through Him we are enough, and when we can truly claim our divine identity, we will quit wandering on long, windy roads in search of who we are and what we are supposed to be doing with this life that God has blessed us with. Claim who you are and that you were divinely created for a purpose. Claim it. And then the search will be over. ⠀

It’s then that we can step into our purpose.


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