Tammy Miller
October 19, 2020
I have been coaching women (and some men) on business for well over a decade. I love the process of growth because it’s exhilarating to get the results you want in life. The process of doing the hard things may not be fun but reaching your goals and dreams is such a rewarding experience.
What I have personally experienced and observed is that sometimes we want the easy way. The truth is that short term easy turns into long term hard because we are straying farther from the results we want. In contrast, doing the hard, the uncomfortable things will turn to long term easy because making those commitments to get uncomfortable, getting in the trenches, grows the muscle of discipline where productive habits are birthed.
We do ourselves a great disservice by avoiding the hard things. We make excuses. We tell ourselves stories that we aren’t capable or worthy or smart enough or privileged enough and the excuses can run a mile long. The reality is, we are just lying to ourselves and selling ourselves short over [and over] again. Sigh. It feels like we just staying in this perpetual cycle of unbelief because we have told ourself that we aren’t capable of doing hard things and achieving the desired results of our heart. It seems what we want is so far out of our reach – our dreams, our goals, our life ambitions. We lie to ourselves and then believe that success and even happiness is reserved for others but not for us.
Please hear me when I say this is not true! I believe we get the results in life we think we deserve. Yep! I talk about this all the time with my coaching clients. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful! Our thoughts create the results we get in life. If we think, say for example, “I’m not capable,” how is that going to make you feel? Probably not a positive emotion. Let’s say when you think that thought it makes you feel defeated. That’s a tough emotion. Our emotions drive everything we do – our emotions are in the driver seat….
So, if you feel defeated, how do you show up? What are the actions you take? Generally the emotion of defeat leads to apathy, a tail spin of negative self talk and other actions that get you nowhere. Your results are you stay stuck because your thought/belief is “I’m not capable.”
In contrast, choosing to believe “I am capable of doing hard things no matter what,” will generate emotions like motivation, excitement, determination. When we feel these emotions we get the things done no matter how uncomfortable because we have the belief we can do it and the results are what we want. Embrace discomfort. Embrace the hard.
I promise you that you really can achieve whatever you set your mind to. I was once in a mind space where I didn’t believe in my ability to do really hard things. Investing in myself by hiring coaches and doing really hard, uncomfortable things has resulted in me having the life of my dreams.
I’m passionate about what I do and I’d love to help you achieve your goals and dreams! Are you ready?