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Doing It Different

Tammy Miller
December 14, 2020
We are a couple weeks away from the end of 2020. Many people are looking to a new year with great anticipation, in hopes that it will be a better one. What a year this has been – a year that has challenged and stretched every person on planet earth! A year that is chock-full of so many lessons: losses, victories, division, unity, heartaches, celebrations, sadness, joy, and most of all a reminder of the things that matter most in life.
I believe one of the many lessons that 2020 has taught us is to learn to pivot. I love how God uses trials and tribulations for our growth and learning, that is if we are open to see that in the lessons there are an abundance of blessings! So here we are, we’ve had to learn how to pivot –  pivoting  that can and will fundamentally change the direction in which we do things and changes the results we get, if we let it. If we let those lessons sink in.
We can bemoan what a hard year it’s been or we can look back with a lens of gratitude for the things we have learned, for the lessons + blessings we have gained and for a new and changed perspective. The choice is always yours.
I’m not at all saying it hasn’t been a hard year. It has been a hard one for me personally, and it looks different for all of us. I can’t think of one person that hasn’t been affected by the global challenges of living in these times. And then we compound that by other personal challenges and heartaches and it can feel overwhelming. In all the love and compassion I have, we can spin all day in the overwhelm and frustration of it, or we can step outside of ourselves to gain some clear perspective on the things we’ve learned and the blessings we have gained.

We can pivot. We can do it different. There’s the saying that says “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.” This year we have been tutored in a big way that we can do [things] different and get better results – all depending on where we choose to focus.

My daily mantra comes from President Russell M. Nelson, he said this: “THE JOY WE FEEL HAS LITTLE to do with the CIRCUMSTANCES of our lives and EVERYTHING to do with the FOCUS of our lives!” He also said another thing that really stuck with me: “you can recount your problems or you can count your blessings.” What are you focusing on? What you focus on expands and makes all the difference in how you feel and the results you get.
Choose to do it different. That’s one of the lessons of this hard year, and what a gift that is!