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Tammy Miller
December 15, 2020
If you’re a frequent reader of my blog posts, you’ll notice a theme — I talk a lot about mindset. I believe too many people undermine the power of harnessing the brain. We allow too much junk – limiting beliefs – to take up space in our precious real estate: our brain!
I struggled far too long with limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. I didn’t realize that my thinking was creating undesirable results in my life.
I got tired of those thoughts. They haunted me and they actually never “felt” true but I had adopted them as truth because of something someone said to me over and over again from childhood, and then as an adult I piled on more lies about myself. I finally grew sick of toxic thinking, and I hired a coach and a therapist and I got to work on myself.
After having three kids in 3.5 years I found myself wanting to get in the best shape of my life. I had three kiddos to keep up with and I wanted to feel better in my body. I hired a personal trainer. We talked about my goals. A plan was formulated which included specific cardio and strength training workouts and also a nutrition plan. One of the things my trainer told me was I needed to start running. I remember stating emphatically and like it was actually factual: “I don’t run. I am not a runner!” He replied: “who told you that?” The question stopped me in my tracks. I replied back: “I guess this is something I never thought I could be good at or even do for that matter.” Hmmmm….
Isn’t it interesting the stories we tell ourselves?! I thought more about my reply regarding running. I didn’t run track in school. I had friends here and there ask me if I wanted to run with them. I always said no, because you know, I wasn’t a runner. It’s funny to look back on that now. However, back then I lacked a belief in myself. I didn’t even want to attempt anything unless I could do it “perfect.” I was selling myself short. Finally I had someone that challenged me to do something I didn’t believe I could be really good at.
So I started running. I was slow. I started increasing the miles over time. I started working on speed. I started to love the rush I got from running + the satisfaction of doing something that really challenged me. I have myself pep talks. My husband supported and encouraged me, as did my trainer. I started to make bigger goals. Eventually I decided to run some races. I did 5K’s, 10K’s, half marathons, and then many marathons. No, I was no world class runner, but I did improve significantly. So much so that several years later I qualified for the prestigious Boston Marathon!
I’m sharing this with you because I want you to know you can achieve any goal when you believe in yourself! It all starts with a thought…
I am statements are powerful!
I can statements direct your brain in the direction of your goals and dreams.
“I will” and “I do” means you take actions and create behaviors to get you where you want to go!
What are you wanting to achieve? Remember: I am, I can, I will, I do!!!

February 3, 2021