Tammy Miller
October 18, 2019
Hey Friends…
Please shut the dang door on doubting yourself and open that door to start trusting yourself more fully – this is available to you. Are you willing to open that door, even just a crack? Quit looking to the past as evidence that you can’t make things happens – that your goals and dreams aren’t possible. This simply isn’t true, and things aren’t going to change unless you CHOOSE to believe in something different!
What are you saying to yourself? Are your thoughts do deeply rooted in self-doubt? Have you been fertilizing those self-doubting thoughts over the years with even more thoughts about why you aren’t good enough? Please stop. These are lies you are telling yourself.
Your thoughts are so powerful! Stop for a moment and I want you to think about who created you! God created you! You can partner with Him in your be-coming the best version of yourself, which is a lifelong process, by setting goals and having dreams that you’ve always told yourself are impossible, or you’ve watched others living out dreams and believed you aren’t worthy of that for yourself. Again, these are lies that you have told yourself.
Please don’t give doubt one second. Don’t doubt that you can achieve what you want.
Do you want to be aligned with doubt or would you rather align with belief and faith in yourself and more importantly with the God that created you and wants you to dream and make those goals happen?!!!
How does doubt serve you? What results do doubting yourself yield? Know that things start to change when you start with a  new thought that you can and want to  believe. The thought might be uncomfortable to you because you are used to feeding yourself thoughts of self-doubt. Try a new thought. One that you can even believe just a little bit. Our thoughts create our feelings/emotions and our emotions fuel  how we show up in life through our actions. Our actions generate our results.
What is the price of doubting yourself? It costs you from living your potential. It keeps you from growing.
There is no downside in believing in yourself.
What are you wanting to create? What are you committed to believing ON PURPOSE for YOU?
I encourage you to reach out to me and let me coach and help you get the results you are looking for in your life. Start living a fully authentic life.
You’ve got this and I’m here to help and cheer you on!