Tammy Miller
January 31, 2020

Hey Friend,

Empathy is my number one superpower, so I have a lot of people that talk to be about their challenges. Over the years I have had dozens and dozens of conversations with people about emotions/feelings and why it’s important to feel them deeply. It’s a topic I’m quite passionate about. ⠀

Our emotional health is just as important as our physical and spiritual health. The truth is if we don’t take care of our emotional health it affects our mental wellness, as well as a myriad of other things. ⠀

Feeling your more challenging emotions can be hard but it can also be exhilarating. You will feel the weight of those heavy emotions as you allow yourself to lean into the discomfort of those feelings. I just want to stress home important it is to feel them. Really feel them. ⠀

Oftentimes what happens is people try to bury those emotions deep down, ignore or numb out. The truth is those feelings don’t go anywhere, they deserve and need to be looked at. Emotions are meant to be felt, not ignored. Confronting your feelings allows you to experience happiness more fully because you aren’t numbed out.

I like to say “just sit with your emotions.” Sometimes it’s really helpful to grab a pen and paper and start writing things out – don’t put a lot of thought to it, just start writing what your are thinking and feeling. Identify the emotion. Once you’ve identified what you are feeling, I then want you to identify the thought that is making you feel this way. Our thoughts generate the emotions we feel. A lot of people think it’s their circumstances that cause them to feel an emotion – not true, it’s our thoughts (the lens in which we see things and our beliefs). ⠀

You know what? Here’s the truth about feelings – they are simply just emotions and they are not going to kill you, as much as your brain might be trying to convince you that they are. Just sit with it, feel it and deal with it, so that you can heal through it. Find someone that you can trust and talk to them about it and address it in a healthy way. Some of the ways I like to process is talking it out, journaling, going for a run and being alone in my thoughts because I get a lot of inspiration this way. Praying, meditating and a coaching session are other things that help me as well.

When we can clear out some of the emotional clutter, it creates space for better things. Rest assured you will feel lighter, more open, more inspired, and you will feel more joy.

As a life coach I specifically work with women into help them process their emotions in healthy ways. Our feelings drive all of our actions and hence give us the results we get. ⠀

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