Tammy Miller
February 8, 2020

Lists, lists and more lists. It feels endless. Does this sound familiar?! Ha, I know I can’t be the only one that has felt that way. I used to feel so overwhelmed with my long lists of “to-do’s.” Ugh – I remember getting a pit in my stomach and my mind would spin in endless overwhelm, and it still can on occasion if I don’t manage my mind and my life. I’ll share some things that I do that help me not feel so flustered, overwhelmed, frustrated, confused and doubtful….all of those feelings that come from having too much to do and not enough time.

Every single human that lives on this earth is blessed with the same 24 hours a day. There’s not a thing we can do to create more hours in the day. Honestly, I believe God gave us 24 hours a day and He expects us to manage it well. If He thought we needed more, He would’ve given us more time but it’s not more literal hours in the day that we need, we need to learn how to manage our minds and we need to learn how to automate our time. Ask yourself: “how can I learn how to magnify my time on a daily basis?”

Our friend, Rory Vaden, has a great YouTube video on how to multiply your time. He says this: “The way to multiply your time is by spending more time on the things today that will give you more time tomorrow.” This is learning how to automate your time. He also said: “Automation to your time is what compounding interest is to your money.” Boom. I encourage you to go watch his video and learn some great stuff. Of course, finish reading this blog post first. 🙂

I’m sure you’ve wondered how some people you know can accomplish so many things in one day. These are the people that have learned how to first manage their brains, second automate their time and three they delegate the things they don’t want or need to do to others. These are all beautiful things.

Here’s one thing to remember that when we are trying to accomplish things in our life on the way to our goal – it’s going to be UNCOMFORTABLE. We need to remember that it’s a step by step process in getting to our end goal and it’s not always going to be a cake walk – the process can be messy at times. I love what one of my coaches says about this, Brooke Casillo says that “Discomfort is the currency to fulfill our dreams. Be uncomfortable on purpose. You have to trade temporary discomfort for long term discomfort. You’ll either experience discomfort now while working to achieve your dreams, or you’ll experience discomfort in the long term when you don’t achieve your dreams.”


One of the biggest things I do to manage and multiply my time each week is to take 1 hour where I plan out my whole week. I’ve got my family time, appointments, my webinars, my coaching calls, my lunches and/or dinners, my free time, my church responsibilities, my workouts, etc, all scheduled in. And the key is not allowing your time to manage you, but you managing your time. By having it all written out you can see what your week looks like and then you honor your calendar by sticking to it. Of course there are always going to be things that come up, so you have to re-adjust. One of the other things that we have done is hiring a personal assistant to do the things that we can delegate – this frees up our time and time is a precious asset to us. It’s a win-win situation because we are providing someone a job and we are also freeing up our time to do the things that we need and want to get done. We also hire out help with our accounting, online marketing and branding, yard work and cleaning our home, just to name a few – it’s another win-win for everyone involved. These are just a few examples of what we do.

There are always going to be obstacles that come up. Identifying the obstacles and answering these questions will help you come up with some strategies so you don’t get derailed.
Ask yourself these questions:
What’s between you and the goal that you want to achieve?
What do find so challenging about your goal?
What are some things that you think that you need help with?

Be the CEO of your brain and your life. Be proactive so that you don’t have to be reactive. When you have it scheduled you won’t have to think about it. Honor your calendar because you are committing to yourself to get the things done.

Here’s how to do it:
Put the list in order.
Determine how much time each thing is going to take.
Add all of the items to your calendar on each of the days with time frames (how long you think they will take).

Be hard line. Look at the things on your schedule like they are non-negotiable, otherwise they shouldn’t be on your calendar to begin with. And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect – just GET IT DONE! And really look at it like you are getting your things done by the deadline that you set. Your PAYOFF is PRODUCTIVITY AND CLARITY. Stick to it and make it a daily process.

Commit to managing your brain – it’s truly your greatest asset. Commit to doing this for 30 days and watch the magic happen. Imagine what things will look like if you manage your brain and stick to your calendar.


I’d love to offer you a free 30 minute consultation where we can go over what goals you want to accomplish. Life coaching has blessed my life so much that I decided to become a life coach myself. I coach women that are searching for their purpose in the throes of motherhood or entering a new phase of life, I help women increase their confidence by teaching them valuable tools to clean up their thinking and I also help women by teaching them the tools to improve the relationships in their lives. If this interests you, sign up here on my website for a free consultation. I look forward to it.