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I Don’t Know – Yes, You Do!

Tammy Miller
February 14, 2020

Mindset matters. What we say to ourselves manifests itself big time in our lives.

How often do you find yourself thinking or saying “I don’t know how to do ______ (fill in the blank).” Our primitive brain likes to trick us into thinking that is actually a fact, when in reality it’s not. Our primitive brain is just trying to “keep us safe” – so basically just stay in the cave and don’t try to figure things out.

I love what Marie Forleo says about trying to figure anything out – she says she grew up with a mom that told her that “everything is figureoutable.” I love that! She said from early childhood that that thought which has now become a deep seeded belief as changed every aspect of her life. Imagine really believing that you can figure anything out, no matter what people around you might be saying otherwise. Find those that will support and teach you and be your cheerleader.

I will say this all day, every single day – it all comes down to your brain. What are the thoughts that are swirling around in your brain? What does that brain loop look like? If you want to figure things out you’ve got to change your thinking because if you are thinking thoughts like “this is too hard, I”m not smart enough, capable enough, worthy enough, etc, etc..,” then that will be your results. Your results are ALWAYS tied to your thinking. So yes, mindset matters!

The the truth is everything is figureoutable. This doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. You will face some challenges on the way to figuring things out. And I assure you, you will be able to figure it out. It’s a process, just like anything else is. Be patient and kind with yourself. Believe that you can figure things out. Practice thoughts that will yield the results that you want. Put up sticky notes where you can see them. Put reminders in your phone with positive thoughts to keep your brain in a good space. There are so many ways for you to learn things; prayer, taking massive action through trial and error, mentors, books, classes – these are some of the things that will help you to figure things out.

Your thoughts influence your feelings…
Your feelings drive your actions…
Your actions create your results.

This is a simple, yet complex formula and it can be difficult to implement unless you are INTENTIONAL about creating change. If you can change your thoughts you can change anything.

When we say things like: “I don’t know,” it’s like putting a roadblock in our brain and it keeps us from moving forward. By simply changing your thoughts to “everything is figureoutable” will change your emotions and will evoke the emotions required to take the right actions to figure things out. You will start seeing successes in your life that before you only imagined.

When we tell ourselves it’s hard or impossible to figure things out we have all sorts of emotions that bubble up like fear, confusion, overwhelm and other indulgent emotions. If you want to get clarity you have to start taking massive action and that needs to look different than the actions you have previously taken. Remember: progress is more important that perfection.


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