Tammy Miller
January 9, 2020

I’m a big believer that we can create the life of our dreams when we involve God. This does not mean that it’s a life free of challenges,

Some people might not believe this, but I am – I that God gives us challenges for our personal growth and learning. Humans want to grow and evolve – so this is the only way. Deal with it. 🙂

I believe it’s perspective that matters, especially during the hard times. It’s how we choose to face those storms when they come and how we choose to move through them; do we resist by asking WHY ME? Or shake our fist at the heavens. Or do we lean into the discomfort by asking “what can I learn from this?” That feels so much better to me.

I believe that some people think that a dreamy life flows and is problem-free. Haha, not even…

On the way to building your dream life and even once you’ve “arrived,” you’re still going to have challenges. It’s called life. It’s called being human. It’s called “growing experiences.”

No matter who you are, where you live or what you have the truth is – everybody is facing challenges! EVERYBODY!!! With social media it’s easy to perceive that people have problem-free lives because most people post all the highlight reels of their life, so we endlessly scroll through our feeds on Facebook or Instagram and think “sheesh, I wish my life was like that,” or “they’ve got it easy.” It’s easy to portray the beautiful parts of our lives, yet difficult to be vulnerable and share that things might be hard. We would do well to be REAL because collectively we can be here to BUOY one another.

A dream life is living the life God intended for you. Utilizing your gifts, talents and your personality to serve others; family, friends, the downtrodden.

A dream life can be yours now by simply reflecting on what you have right now and living in a state of gratitude.

The dream life for me is following God’s plan and trying to follow in the footsteps of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

My dream life is spending time with and loving on my husband, my children, my granddaughter and with dear friends that uplift and inspire. ♥️

My dream life is loving on and serving the poor and helpless around the world. 🌏

My dream life is traveling to beautiful places all over the globe. God created a beautiful earth for us to enjoy and take care of!

My dream life is doing what David and I do in dōTERRA! We get to help and serve people create the lives of their dreams. It is incredibly fulfilling!

We don’t live for the weekends because every day we are living our DREAM! This doesn’t mean we don’t have our challenges, because believe me we do, and we are grateful for the experiences we get to learn and grow!

We wake up excited because our life is a living DREAM! Be grateful. Keep dreaming. Keep creating!

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