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Spinning in Indecision

Tammy Miller
February 2, 2020

Jim Rohn is a man I never met but he’s been a mentor of mine for the last ten years as I’ve delved into personal development. If you don’t know who Jim Rohn is, go look him up and listen to his inspiring words. I love that his messaging is so centered in stepping into your God-given potential and living your life full out in living your purpose with clarity. None of this wishy washy stuff.

So he said this thing that I think will resonate with you, just as much as it did with me, he said: “Doing isn’t difficult, deciding is.” True, isn’t it?!

When we can’t make a decision we spend a lot of mind juice overthinking things. We may question ourselves in even making a good decision because we lack confidence. We choose fear and don’t anything. The results are nothing changes, we feel frustration and our brains just spin in indecision.

Oftentimes fear is the emotional culprit in our indecision. Our emotions are in the driver seat and they drive our actions. When fear is in the driver seat we are paralyzed and freeze up. So, let’s back up for a minute here so that I can give you some clarity when making a decision.

Since you are having a hard time making a decision I want you to look at your brain. What are the thoughts that are swirling in your mind? I want you to take five minutes and jot down all the thoughts that you are come to mind when making a decision (whatever it might be that you are vacillating back and forth on). Once you have written that down, I want you to identify one of the thoughts from your download and I want you to identify how that makes you feel? Are you feeling fear, confusion, frustration? What emotion is it? When our minds are spinning in indecision we feel stuck and are truly unable to move forward.

When we feel fear, confusion or frustration we freeze up – we don’t do anything productive or we spin spend more mind juice being wishy washy. Indecision is in full play. The results are directly linked to our thoughts of indecision. I don’t think anyone wants to stay stuck in this cycle.


What emotion do you need to feel in order to move forward? Confidence is a good one. So, what’s a thought you would need to think in order to feel confident in making the decision you need to make? Remember that the more clarity you can have the better results you are going to have. Once you’ve identified a powerful and intentional thought and you’re feeling confident, you are going to take massive action. When we come from a place of confidence our actions look a lot different (and better) than when we are in a space of fear, frustration and confusion.

There’s so much more I could share with you on this topic, but I’m going to wrap it up for now.


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