Tammy Miller
November 8, 2019

Every single day my goal is to step fully into my authentic self. So, what does that look like?

First, it looks like validating yourself by accepting that you are a human and make mistakes and that’s okay. Each of us have both successes and lessons (mistakes). By accepting ourselves we don’t need to seek validation from others. This is self-confidence, and I guarantee it’s not something I rock every single day. I’m working on that.

Second, it’s taking off all the masks that we wear and allowing ourselves to be seen. It’s not giving so much (or any energy) in caring what others think of us but rather doing what we feel our Creator has designed us to be. I have infinite potential and there have been seasons I’ve lived below that.

Third, living authentically is living by your values and principles – these are the things that govern the way we live life. For me, this means putting God and then family first, being honest in my dealings, treating everyone with kindness & love, keeping my commitments, being grateful in all things, spending my time effectively, being an optimist, just to name a few. What are the values and principles that govern your life?

Fourth, it’s asking for help and acknowledging that we can’t do life by ourselves. I seek for guidance from my Father in Heaven. I ask Him for help. Oftentimes those prayers are answered through another person. The last few years this is what it has looked like for me: hiring a therapist for weekly sessions, attending personal development workshops and hiring life coaches. I’m investing in myself. I always have in depth conversations with my amazing husband and I definitely have close friends that I can confide in. We all need that!

Fifth, I’m cleaning up what I refer to as my stinkin’ thinkin’. I totally know and believe I am a daughter of God, so how is it that I’ve allowed myself to believe that I’m not enough, that I’m insignificant or that I don’t matter? Cognitive dissonance is in full array.  Nope – I’m telling the enemy he can go back where he belongs because he doesn’t belong in my brain 🧠 space one bit:. I’ve worked really hard to manage my thoughts, and with all the work I’ve done I’m learning to be better at mastering my thoughts.

Lastly, if this resonates with you and you’ve been seeking some guidance to step into your full potential, if you are ready to take your confidence to the next level, you have goals and dreams that you want to achieve but things aren’t quite working for you and if you are trying to improve relationships in your life, I encourage you to sign up for a mini coaching session with me to see if I am a good fit for what you are looking for to help you achieve what you want.
Have an awesome day!



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