Tammy Miller
March 5, 2020

I really love me.

I can’t say that I have always felt that way. Aren’t we all our own worst critics? Can I kindly ask you to STOP it! How is criticizing yourself creating any semblance of peace in your life? Your thoughts are so powerful. I teach this to my kids, to my clients and to anyone that will listen to me because I have turned down the volume on my inner critic. It’s been work. Hard work. It’s been exhausting if you really want to know. I have cried buckets of tears. I have felt so broken inside and so worthless from the thoughts that I had about myself. After years of prayer and searching through scriptures and church talks I started to find some of the answers.

We are counseled to seek, ponder and pray. In Matthew 7:7 it says: “Ask, and it shall be given you, seek, and ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” I know this to be true. As I was searching for answers to the things that were troubling me (my thoughts about myself that were so negative and on overdrive), I was led to so much good stuff and I really felt like Heavenly Father was speaking to me and sharing all of these amazing nuggets of wisdom. I grew hungry to learn more and more about how the power of my thoughts were creating my reality.

I learned to not allow my brain to be a junkyard for unbecoming thoughts about myself. I started to throw those thoughts, those lies, in the trash. I had to do this over and over and over again. I did mention that it was exhausting work, but it was also exhausting to have such negativity in my mind. I was so sick and tired of it and I knew that things could be better but it was going to require some deep work and Heavenly Father told me that I am worth it. And you know that when you start doing this kind of work – digging out the trash – you are going to come up against a lot of resistance. I didn’t allow the resistance to deter me. The old adage goes: what you resist persists, and there is so much truth to that. Seriously, I could write an entire post just on that subject alone. Let’s just say it’s important not to resist the ugly and hard emotions. Feel them. I was determined to feel ALL the emotions and really look at all the things. I dissected my negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and I saw them for the lies that they were. Out to the trash they went, and the beautiful thing is it created space for new and beautiful thoughts.

I can’t stress this enough how important it is to love who you are, just the way you are. You are divinely created by the Master. He loves you and wants you to know your worth. Nothing you do or don’t do will ever take away from your worth. You came to earth with your value. Show yourself kindness, compassion, grace – all the good things that you give to everyone that you love. Your relationship with yourself is so important and it affects every other relationship in your life. So, please, I hope you can tell yourself: I love you.

I want to give you a little daily challenge. When you wake up each morning I want you to think of 3 things you are grateful for and at least 1 thing you love about yourself. I’d love for you to share them with in the comments below.

Be kind and love yourself. Hugs.
xoxo, Tammy

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