Tammy Miller
March 17, 2020

This moment of time we are living in is unprecedented. So much has changed for us as a society in just a short time and even though we know this won’t last forever, we don’t know how long this will last. There is so much uncertainty and with that comes a full range of emotions like confusion, overwhelm, sadness, anger, loneliness, anxiety and a long list of other emotions.

One of the biggest things that I want to focus on today is the POWER of our BRAIN. What we think matters. What we think generates our emotions. Our emotions are in the driver seat – our emotions dictate the actions that we take. A lot of people subscribe to the belief that it’s the circumstances of their lives that make them feel something but the truth is it’s our thoughts that really get the feelings going.

Currently society as a whole is feeling a lot of angst and the belief is because of our current circumstance with the COVID-19 virus. I want to tell you that it’s the thoughts that people are having about it that’s causing so many negative emotions. And I get it, I found myself for a hot second or two feeling some anxiety and then I literally had a talk with myself that when I show up with emotions like anxiety, fear, confusion and overwhelm I don’t show up as my best self or in a very productive way + I’m not really fond of wallowing in those emotions for too long but I do not resist those emotions, I just observe them (no judgment) and then I’ll journal my thoughts out on a piece of paper or keep my thoughts in my notes app on my phone or talk it out with someone I trust, BUT then I try to find more positive thoughts that are rooted in faith versus having any fear-based thoughts/thinking.

When we allow our thoughts to run amok it’s essentially like allowing a toddler to run around with a knife. When our thoughts are left to their own devices aka unsupervised it’s like crazy town. Our brain is one of our greatest assets and we need to be better at learning how to manage our brains so that we can show up better in our lives.

Most people don’t really pay much attention to their thoughts. I want you to stop and really pay attention, it might surprise you. When you have the awareness that your feelings come from your thoughts and that you get to choose what you think, you come from a super empowered space. When we have productive thoughts, we have positive emotions and when we have positive emotions it generates effective action – and our actions drive the results that we get in life.

Be a detective with your feelings. As humans we try to do everything in our power to avoid negative emotion – but with everything that is going on right now it’s so easy to get caught up in all the negativity – we are watching heightened emotions on TV or listening to people rant incessantly and this can cause us to think a lot of negative thoughts and cause us to despair and feel hopeless. It can be a negative spiral.

If you want to change how you are showing up in your life try to be aware of what you are thinking and feeling in the present moment.

Trust that everything is going to work out. It will! “Everything is working for my highest good” is one of the many thoughtS that I have been thinking that has provided a lot of peace for me, even in these uncertain times. Humans are resilient. Let’s use our amazing brains to create results that we want!


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