Tammy Miller
July 25, 2020
I’m so passionate about fully showing up as my authentic self. No pretenses. No apologies. Showing up the way God created me to be. I invite you to do the same. You know, we have all sacrificed ourselves to a degree when we try to people please. It’s a futile act anyway, however, we end up sacrificing who we are when we do.
I’m so passionate about authenticity that I created this blog called “Cultivating Authenticity.” Cultivate means to prepare for, to refine and foster growth. Essentially, it’s growing into who God created YOU to be!
Authenticity is such a buzz word, but you know what? I feel so passionate about this and I believe this is the way we each should be living our lives. We should quit trying to be like everyone else and embrace who God created each of us to be. You are beautiful and unique and as cliche as it sounds, there’s no one out there like you! That’s awesome!

Here’s some definitions of authenticity:

•Is honesty without self-righteousness and with vulnerability.
•It’s living by your values and principles – in everything that you do and say.
•Be you. Embrace who God created you to be. As my friend, Jim, says: “Be who you BE!”
•Authentic people adhere to values and principles of gratitude, kindness, inclusion, integrity thoughtfulness — they express emotions clearly and freely, they take RESPONSIBILITY for their actions and they understand what drives them to do what they do. They hold themselves accountable and don’t fall into the blame game.
Living authentically means showing up because you want to, instead of out of obligation. You are energized and fulfilled when you are coming from an authentic space. It fills you up instead of when you come from a place of obligation it depletes you and you can become resentful.
Check in with yourself. Are you showing up the way you want to? Are you afraid people won’t like the real you? Do you feel depleted because you’re constantly compromising yourself to make others happy?
Just remember you already came to earth with your worth – you don’t need to earn it! Also remember you are in competition with no one but yourself! Awesome, right?!!! Remember WHO created you!
We need to be more vulnerable and authentic with each other. We all have good and bad days, we have seasons where we are flourishing and seasons where we are being pruned & refined. Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.
Try authenticity on. I think it feels pretty great — it’s liberating  and free!