Tammy Miller
February 10, 2020

The journey of life has a whole lot of twists and turns and roller-coaster loops: it can be a crazy ride to navigate. There are unexpected speed bumps and roadblocks. We’ve all experienced it. Life.

What are the stories that we are choosing to tell ourselves? These stories are the thoughts in our head. This is the lens in which we see things. It’s our perspective and it’s our thoughts that generate the results that we are getting in our lives.

I’m sure you’ve observed others in difficult situations. Some choose to be victims while others choose to be victors. The victors don’t allow the circumstances of their lives to define who they are: they don’t give their power away.

It’s a choice. A conscious, intentional choice. It always is. So, what do you choose? When something challenging happens in your life what do you make it mean? We can feel like things are happening to us because we think it’s the circumstances of our lives that are generating the results we get. If everyone could realize the POWER they have to create change in their lives by simply working on their mindset – simply changing the negative thoughts that spin endlessly in their brains to something more positive. Wow, how empowered people would feel. And the results they would get would be mind blowing!

When things go awry we have a choice – do we choose to be bitter or better?

I want to share this powerful quote with you: “Bitterness does more damage to the vessel in which it is stored, than the vessel on which it is poured.” Start with the limbic part of your brain. This is where we process all of our emotions. Think of a past or current circumstance. How do you want to feel about it? Choose an emotion. Our emotions come from our thoughts. So what’s a thought that you want to think? Realize that it’s NOT the circumstances of your life that create your results, rather it’s your thinking. Your thinking generates your emotions/feelings and your emotions drive your actions and your actions generate your results. So, now that I’ve taught you this, think back to a past circumstance or maybe something you are currently going through. And go through this process of identifying a thought, a feeling, actions and the result you want.

Choose to see the good that comes from the hard. This is where we can attach meaning and purpose to the things we go through in life. This is where we get to choose to be bitter or better. I think the latter sounds like the best option to me. But hey, it’s up to you if you want to drink the bitter cup. I choose better. That’s the results I want and I have that choice.


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