Tammy Miller
August 16, 2020
Comparison is the thief of joy. It will utterly rob you of feeling any true measure of happiness because your focus is entirely rooted in your belief of “not enoughness.” Your focus is on the external of others (you don’t see the whole picture, you are just seeing what they are presenting you and thf world). Comparison is focused on that you don’t have and it’s also rooted in deep self-judgment. Comparison is not love.
There is no upside to comparison at all. Not one bit.
You are enough! Do you believe that? Growing up did someone or several someone’s tell you that you weren’t enough? If you were just like ______ (fill in the blank), that would be awesome! Someone always pointing out your flaws instead of the things you were actually good at?! For heavens sake, we all have strengths sad weaknesses and we need a degree of validation.
The problem is we start taking over for the someone or someone’s that told us we weren’t enough, weren’t good enough, we didn’t measure up to their expectations. Their voice is replaced by our own worst inner critic and we beat ourselves up with put downs thinking that we deserve it and that somehow the negative self-talk is going to motivate us to change. But it doesn’t. We spin in confusion and sadness and we stay stuck in a negative cycle of comparison and feeling overwhelmed and empty and not enough.
But there’s HOPE!
You can change this vicious cycle that’s not serving you one iota! You have to want it and you have to choose it every single day and not default to those lies (your thoughts) that you’ve been telling yourself.
The truth is that Satan is on attack. He’s attacking your very identity. As a Christian, you inherently KNOW you are a child of God. Own that with your entire soul. Declare it. Speak it with pride and be bold in who He created you to be. Honestly, you are giving power to Satan when you compare yourself to others. You are giving him power when you tear yourself apart. He’s after your soul. He wants to rip your identity to shreds and you are helping him sign all those lies you are telling yourself.
It’s cognitive dissonance when we know and believe we are a child of God, yet we tell ourselves we aren’t enough. Can you see the lies you’ve been telling yourself for what they are? Big, bold lies that make you feel hallow. When we can truly embrace WHO we are and WHOSE we are with all our strengths and imperfections, we can start to grow those spiritual roots so deeply in Him who created us.
In 1 Thessalonians 5:5 it says:
“Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.”
You are light! You are a child of our Mighty God! He created you! He loves you and He believes in you and He knows you and created you for many great purposes and you have a purpose to fulfill here!
God just asks you to trust Him, He will help you navigate the challenging paths you come across, He asks you to keep trying and to have faith and to believe in yourself and to embrace your strengths and to show compassion to yourself for your weakness. He asks you to keep making an effort – this doesn’t mean it has not to be perfect at all, just try, just show up and He will be there to help you when He sees you are showing up.
Don’t quit. Keep on. Step by step, day by day. One new thought to embrace “I am more than enough” repeated and acted upon daily will create the peace, fulfillment and love you have been seeking for. Can you repeat this one simple and true thought every day? Remember that your thoughts are your beliefs. What do you want to believe?
You, my dear, are enough! You are magnificent!